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Energy saving tips

When you save energy, you save money. From simple changes to home improvement opportunities, there are many ways to reduce your energy consumption. We hope you find ways that work best for you.

Top 10 Ways to Save

  1. Install a programmable thermostat to better control home heating and cooling usage which can save you up to 10%.
  2. Wash your clothes in cold water and during the Texas summers in off-peak hours.
  3. Use window shades and coverings.
    • During the summer close window coverings on the sunny side of your home or apartment.
    • During the winter months, open window coverings and let the sun shine in for a natural source of warmth for your home.
  4. Use power strips where possible to turn off lights, appliances, and electronics at one time.
  5. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs to save as much as 30-80%, many types available on the market today – halogen incandescent, CFLs, and LEDs.
  6. When purchasing appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR label as you can reduce your energy consumption by appliances as much as 30%.
  7. Plant shade trees to provide a natural cooling system for your home.
  8. Clean or change air filters regularly.
  9. Reduce water heater temp to 130F or replace with a tankless water heater.
  10. Seal air leaks and properly insulate - windows, doors, and attics are great places to start.

Did you know?

American Light & Power offers 100% renewable energy plans so you can Go Green every day as well as a complete solar solution for your home!

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