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Home improvements that drive energy efficiency

Home improvements made to drive energy efficiency in your home not only reduce your energy costs, but also can increase the value of your home. Small changes will make a big difference – less energy used, more money saved!

1. Home energy audit. Conduct an at home energy assessment to determine if you have air leaks and the appropriate level of insulation.

2. Insulate. Add a layer of attic insulation and use insulation for your hot water pipes to prevent heat loss and lower your water heater setting.

3. Prevent air leaks. Seal Windows and doors OR Replace old windows with high-performance windows that have a low U-value, low solar heat gain co-efficiency and an air leakage rating of 0.3 cubic feet per minute or less.

4. Shade trees. Planting trees near your home will provide shade and reduce your cooling costs during the summer.

5. Water heater. Installing a tankless or energy efficient water heater can bring significant energy savings to your home. Water heating is the third largest energy expense in your home, typically accounting for about 12% of your utility bill.

6. AC / Heating. Tune-up or replace aging Heating and Cooling System as it drives 40% or more of your energy consumption. By combining proper equipment maintenance and upgrades with appropriate insulation, air sealing, and thermostat settings, you can cut your energy use for heating and cooling from 20% to 50%.

7. Programmable thermostat. Betting control over heating and cooling your home with a programmable thermostat will bring real savings in your home energy expense. A programmable thermostat makes it possible to turn the temperature down when no one is at home or when everyone is in bed – another way you put your power in your hands.

8. Upgrade appliances. Installing energy-efficient appliances creates real energy savings. Look for Energy Star appliances when you shop. Investing in the most efficient kitchen appliances can yield one of the best ways to increase your home’s value for future buyers.

Why Energy Efficiency? For a comprehensive look at achieving energy efficiency through home improvement, visit

Improve Lighting

Your home can shine bright for less with energy efficient lighting, and so easy to do – approximately 5% of your energy usage is from your home lighting:

  • Replace traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) which use 75% less energy and have a 90% less heat output. Other choices include LED and Halogen Incandescents.
  • Know your watts! Using one larger wattage bulb is more efficient than two smaller wattage bulbs.
  • Location is key. Don’t place lamps or televisions near your thermostat. The heat emitted from them can keep your air conditioner running longer than is necessary.

Stay in the know about lighting choices that save you money, click here.

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