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Food for Thought: 3 Ways to Save Energy While Cooking

What's for dinner? A common question in every household! But the real question is how can I cook and use less energy when temps are high and electricity grid is stressed as dinner prep happens during peak electricity consumption hours.

Wiki How shares easy ways we can all save while in the kitchen:

  1. Use Appliances Efficiently - open the fridge less and cooking multiple meals at the same time are two examples of how to use appliances more efficiently. Grilling outside is a great way to not use appliances at all, throw in a tossed salad and say, "bon appetite!"
  2. Purchase Smaller Appliances - a toaster oven may do the trick for smaller meals instead of your full size oven, especially for families on the go when not everyone may eat at the same time when after-school activities kick in.
  3. Be Vigilent - when you diligently turn off lights when not that are not needed, use the microwave for re-heating food, and the like, you are chipping away at energy usage and small bits add up to large savings over time.

LEARN MORE and you will be cooking up savings for you and your family while preparing great meals. 

Also, if you need ideas for healthy, quick meals then Cooking Light has 45+ menus from which you can choose.

American Light & Power always wants to share creative ways our customers can save energy, and as such, save money!

saving energy while cooking meals

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